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Autism-Europe hosts the concluding conference of the SEAD project in Brussels

On the 23 September, Autism-Europe hosted the concluding conference of the SEAD project “Accessible education on sexuality and relationships”. The event took place in Brussels’ Passage 44, welcoming over 50 participants from all over Europe involved in providing sexual education to persons with learning difficulties. Through three different sessions, attendees were able to broaden their perspectives, exchange thoughts and share good practice and experience in the field of making sex education accessible to people with learning disabilities.


Family planning representatives, organisations of people with disabilities, higher education institutions and universities or services providers were represented by speakers. The conference was also graced with an address from the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, who stressed the importance of ensuring that all people with disabilities have access to effective education on sexuality. The SEAD toolkit, which will be available to the general public on the SEAD project’s website, was also presented. Participants were able to familiarise themselves with the toolkit during an interactive session. In addition, different testimonials and performances were shown as examples of education on sexuality through arts and creativity.


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