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Conference in the European Parliament on European Strategy for autism

The European Parliament was host to an event organised by Autism-Europe on the 29 September 2015. The conference, entitled “Moving forward for the adoption of a European Strategy for Autism in Europe”, follows on from the Parliament’s adoption of a Written Declaration on autism, co-drafted by Autism-Europe.


The conference was co-chaired by MEP Nicola Caputo (first signatory of the Written Declaration), MEP Marek Plura (co-signatory and co-President of the Disability Intergroup) and MEP Miriam Dalli (co-signatory). The panel included autism representatives and experts, as well as key officials from the European Commission. Several different themes were addressed during the conference, including autism as a human rights and public health issue, how a European strategy on autism would have to address specific needs across the spectrum, and how different treatments can help in combatting the severity of the condition in some individuals. 


To read the full conference report, click here.