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Autism-Europe welcomes the proposed European Accessibility Act and issues recommendations

Autism-Europe considers that the proposal for the European Accessibility Act has potential to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities throughout Europe. The proposal was finally published by the Commission on the 2 December 2015. Autism-Europe published a response to the proposal outlining a number of key recommendations to ensure that the specific needs of autistic people are not overlooked in the future Directive.

Autism-Europe’s position paper highlights in particular the need for the Act to present clear and precise accessibility criteria for persons with disabilities, including autism. Detailed requirements are necessary for the legislation to be properly transposed by the member states and to ensure efficient harmonisation of accessibility of goods and services throughout the EU.

Autism-Europe also fed into the European Disability Forum’s official response to the legislative proposal.

It followed on from recommendations given to the EU by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to swiftly adopt the European Accessibility Act with the participation of people with disabilities. 

For several years now Autism-Europe has been advocating for EU legislation on the accessibility of products and services for persons with disabilities.


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