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Project ‘Empower parents’ gets museums to become more accessible

Empower Parents’ is an innovative project that has been implemented in Madrid (Spain) since 2013. It seeks to transform museums and other cultural institutions into social tools for facilitating the empowerment of families through their relation with culture and via concrete actions such as visits to museums and other cultural spaces as customary leisure activities. Currently, the Empower Parents community consists of 20 families and over 30 boys and girls with autism.

The work done by families to identify the needs of their children is fundamental, as is the transformation of these cultural spaces into accessible educational resources by the technical team. Alongside working with the families themselves, the educational materials proposed in the framework of ‘Empower Parents’ draw on the technical support and advice from a variety of actors specialised in the intellectual challenges and autism, including Autism-Europe member Confederación Autismo España, Plena Inclusión Madrid and Asociación Pauta.

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