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ASDEU Project receives one of Federación Autismo Madrid’s annual awards

In the framework of World Autism Awareness Day celebrations in Spain on the 2nd of April, the Federación Autismo Madrid gave one of its nine Annual Awards to the Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) project. The project coordinator, Prof. Manuel Posada, was there to collect the award. During the event, Federación Autismo Madrid voiced its appreciation of the efforts being made by all consortium members throughout all of the work packages that make up this big project.

The ASDEU project, in which Autism-Europe is working alongside nineteen other partners, has been funded by the European Commission to research autism diagnosis, prevalence and interventions and to improve care and support for people with autism. The 2.1 million euros given to the programme will help to increase our understanding of autism and improve responses to the condition.

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