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ASDEU partners present their progress to date

Just over a year and a half into its lifespan, partners from the Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) programme travelled to Autism-Europe’s International Congress in Edinburgh to present their progress to date, and outline what to expect next, during a Symposium titled “ASDEU and EU AIMS research projects: results and future impact”.

The three-year programme, funded by the European Commission and run by a consortium of 20 groups from 14 countries, seeks to help to increase our understanding of autism and improve responses to the condition. It aims to do so by studying the prevalence of autism in the EU; analysing the economic and social costs of autism; reviewing existing arrangements and developing proposals for early detection programmes; training professionals; improving understanding of diagnosis, comorbidity, and effective care and support for adults and senior citizens with autism.

Autism-Europe has been responsible for the programme’s work package 4, looking specifically at policies in the EU, as part of which it has producing a comprehensive literature review outlining current policies in place throughout the EU for the benefit of autistic people and their families. This research included a stakeholder consultation held during AE’s Annual General Assembly in May 2016, and an extensive online survey for parents, self-advocates and professionals, to which almost 1,000 people from across Europe gave their input.

In the next phase of the project, Autism-Europe will identify best practices in policy provision for autistic people and their families, as well as how an EU public health plan can address common needs and gaps across Europe. It will be achieved through a wide consultation with interested stakeholder.

In addition to the Symposium presentation, different partners presented results from ASDEU activities via poster and oral communications.

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