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Vice President of AE gives UN CRPD training in Poland

In September 2016, the vice-President of Autism-Europe, Pietro Cirrincione, gave two training sessions to representatives of disabled people organisations in Warsaw and Wrocław in the framework of the project “Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – a common cause”. The objective of the training was to support civil society organisations to better voice the needs of people on the autism spectrum when monitoring the implementation of the UNCRP in Poland.

The UNCRPD was ratified by Poland in September 2012. The project run by the Polish Disability Council aims at fostering the proper implementation of the UNCRPD by encouraging the participation of people with disabilities in its monitoring and, more generally, in public and political life.

The project is implemented as part of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014 – 2020, Priority Axis II.

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Download Pietro Cirrincione’s presentation