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Successful participation at ARAPI’s 11th Regional Seminar

ARAPI’s 11th Regional Seminar, held on the 21 October in Barcelona, tackled the topic of autism in adulthood under the motto “From clinic to intervention”. The Seminar was organised by Fundació Congost Autisme, CERAC and the French association ARAPI.

The seminar, which included the participation of Zsuzsanna Szilvasy, president of Autism-Europe, René Cassou de Saint Mathurin, president of ARAPI and Marta Roca, Executive member of Autism-Europe and the president of Fundació Congost Autisme and CERAC, was attended by around 300 participants from Spain and other European countries.

The main conclusions of the seminar were:

  • It is very important that social and public bodies join efforts;
  • Scientifically-evidenced methods for detection and intervention are crucial to improve the evolution of children on the autism spectrum;
  • Diagnosis of adults must have a multidisciplinary view. Many adults with autism do not yet have a diagnosis;
  • There are very similar cases in childhood that evolve very differently into adulthood. There is a need to study what causes this apparent contradiction;
  • The environment plays a very important role in the evolution of autistic people. Thus, it is essential to adjust that environment to their needs;
  • Concerned families have many difficulties to find adequate services for their children;
  • There is no drug to treat autism, but some can improve associated symptoms;
  • The testimony of autistic people is very important to know more about autism spectrum disorders and develop more effective therapies;

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