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Call for contributions for Autispace, a serious virtual reality game to raise awareness about autism

Autispace is a virtual reality experience that raises awareness about autism. The aim is to break preconceived ideas and avoid the usual sensationalism seen in the media, while providing a scientific and pedagogical input. The project is created on an entirely voluntary basis by a small multidisciplinary team made up of both autistic and neurotypical members.

To develop the project, the CogLab is launching a call for contribution and communication, in particular regarding the following three needs:

  • Video support in the field of virtual reality (acquisition and editing)
  • A pluridisplinary verification of the proposed scenarios
  • Testimonials, as well as actors or extras

CogLab is a voluntary community that develops projects and organises thematic events aimed at informing people about recent scientific advances, giving the general public access to key information, debunking myths, experimenting and making the Cognitive Sciences more democratic.

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