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Autism-Europe represented at the UN events in observance of WAAD 2017

Autism-Europe Member of the Executive Committee Maria Wroniszewska spoke at the United Nations (UN) event “Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination” in New York in observance of World Autism Awareness Day on 31 March 2017.

The event brought to light policies and approaches being implemented with regard to guardianship and the path to self-determination and legal capacity of persons with autism. Maria Wroniszewska spoke as part of the panel “Vocational Training and Employment: A Key to Independence and Self-Sufficiency”.

The keynote speech was given by Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Centre at the University Of Cambridge (UK). He called, “along with major associations such as Autism-Europe, for an investigation into the violation of human rights of people with autism, and to increase surveillance of the needs of autistic people, so that each year on World Autism Awareness Day we can look forward to seeing a reduction in such violations”.

The same day, Autism-Europe President Zsuzsanna Szilvasy spoke at the event “Populations in Movement: Addressing the Opportunities and Challenges to Ensure Care and Services to Migrants with Autism and Developmental Disabilities”, organised by the United Nations Department of Public Information and Department of Economic and Social Affairs.


Autism-Europe President Zsuzsanna Szilvasy at the UN


More information and full videos of the events