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NAS campaign ‘Too much Information’ launches its second year

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Week 2017, Autism-Europe member the National Autistic Society (UK) launched the second year of its biggest ever autism awareness campaign ‘Too Much Information’. A short film starring Holly, a 12 year-old autistic budding actress, and an interactive quiz, have been presented to increase public understanding of autism and help people consider the small changes they can make.

National Campaigns Manager, Jess Leigh, explained that the NAS wanted to make a powerful film which helped the public to understand that autistic people can need more time to process information. “That it can feel like everything’s building up, like being asked a million questions at once. That it can feel as if your brain is too crowded – and about to explode”, said Leigh.

Moreover, campaign supporters are invited to participate in an interactive quiz created to understand how individuals can help to reduce the overload. Participants are asking to choose what change they will make and show everyone how they help. After completing a form, they can get its pledge badge to share with friends and family.

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