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La mirada de Ángel (“Angel’s gaze”), a closer view of autism

  • Author: María Luisa Fernández
  • Published on: 28 April 2014
  • Editorial: Viento Abierto
  • Language: Spanish

The mother of an autistic young boy, María Luisa Fernández, in partnership with the Spanish association Participa, has published a book titled “La mirada de Ángel” (The Angel’s gaze), a diary of a mother with an autistic child.

From a retrospective view, the writer tells us, in the present tense, about her experience throughout her son’s childhood until adulthood by transcribing the letters that she started to address to him when he was a 2, 5 year-old toddler.

All the profits generated by the book will be donated to the ASPANAES association and to the socio-sanitary project for orphaned children in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, which has been managed by the Participa association for 5 years.

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