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Manga videogame to help high school students to understand Asperger Syndrome

Autism-Europe member Autismo Burgos (Spain), in partnership with the Orange Fondation and Gametopia Games, are launching a videogame titled “El viaje de Elisa” (The Elisa’s journey) to raise awareness about the Asperger Syndrome among high school students.

This videogame is aiming at helping people to better understand the needs and main features of those with autism spectrum disorders, especially those with Asperger Syndrome. With a background of an epic science fiction story, players have to help Elisa to overcome different challenges and levels to complete her journey.

The videogame can be downloaded together with some teaching materials to support high school teachers who want to do some extra activities in the classroom, besides general information to better understand Asperger Syndrome.

Young people with autism have contributed to the design and the evaluation of the final version and teaching materials of the videogame. Professionals from Autismo Burgos have worked on the pedagogical design.

More information (in Spanish)