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Autism-Europe hosts conference on sex education for people with disabilities

On the 31 May 2017, Autism-Europe welcomed participants to a conference on sex education for persons with disabilities, in the framework of the TRASE project funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. The conference explored the often overlooked importance of sex education for the wellbeing of persons with learning disabilities, and provides a practical insight into how to ensure effective learning for people with all types of learning requirements. It also recalled that sex education must be considered from a rights based perspective and is essential to empower disabled people to access self-determination.

It was also an opportunity for partners in the TRASE consortium, from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Portugal, the UK and Belgium, to showcase the new learning tools they had created and adapted for sex education that better caters to the needs of people with learning disabilities.

A follow-up symposium and taster session workshop were then held on the 15 June in Brussels. This was an opportunity for participants to try their hand at using the tools themselves, as well as exploring certain modules from the TRASE training course.


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