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Survey on Accessibility by the Erasmus Student Network

This year’s edition of the International Exchange Erasmus Students Network (ESN) survey is focused on homecoming exchange students with disabilities and students with disabilities without any mobility experience. It aims to explore the challenges and enablers of international exchange programmes for students with disabilities across Europe.

1.4% of Erasmus beneficiaries are students who have chosen to disclose their disability and apply for the Erasmus+ supplementary grant in order to participate in an exchange. ESN’s previous research shows that there are still barriers for students to enjoy mobility throughout the EU, and adding a disability into the equation often makes it feel impossible for some students.

The survey is accessible and deaf participants are invited to submit answers to open questions as videos in IS (maximum 10min long).

More information

Complete the digital form of the survey here

If a plain WORD format is needed, please send an email to: survey-info@esn.org