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Autistic people defend the need for real interaction in light of excessive mobile phone use

(ES with possibility to see subtitles in different languages)

Autism-Europe’s member Gautena (Spain), together with voluntary work by the Communication Agency Dimensión, have developed Deskonektapp, a free app to raise awareness about excessive mobile phone use. The app will allow people to control the time they spend looking at their phones instead of the world around them.

To promote the app, Gautena has produced a video (available in Spanish and Basque) in which we see a group of young autistic people warning about the misuse of mobile phones and encouraging people to engage in real, face to face contact instead of a digital contact.

The paradox of having people with autism, who face difficulties in social communication and social interaction, giving responsible tips about interpersonal relationships, gives real meaning to Gautena’s World Autism Awareness Day campaign 2017.

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