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Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interventions and Life Pathways for Adults – Recommendations for Good Professional Practice (France 2017)

The main purpose of these recommendations is to improve the quality of health and medico-social interventions for autistic adults to promote greater social inclusion and quality of life. The recommendations are part of the Autism Plan 2013-2017 (file 12). It was jointly developed by the Anesm (French national agency for the evaluation of social services and medico-social establishments) and the HAS (the high authority on health).

The themes that are discussed are:

  • the transition from adolescence to adulthood;
  • the participation of autistic adults;
  • reminders about diagnosis and assessments of functioning in adults;
  • interventions on the environment of the person (family, professionals, living environment);
  • accompaniment of autistic adults and evaluation of the expected effects;
  • health;