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Autism-Europe welcomes a new Advocacy and projects officer

Hallo, I am Christian Takow, 30 years young, and speak German, English and a little bit of Spanish.

In fact, I joined the Autism-Europe team already a month ago. I am supporting AE’s activities as new advocacy and project officer. With my academic background in European Studies and International Relations from the Netherlands, the international environment in Brussels seemed like a natural place to work for me.

Volunteering in Spain and Germany in the field of (international) youth cooperation, I became very much aware of Europe’s social dimension. So I got interested in working for an advocacy group in relation to social justice.

Ever since I got diagnosed on the autism spectrum, quite late, I was also interested in what it actually means for me and others. So when I got the opportunity to start exploring this, in combination with the promotion of rights at Autism-Europe, I gladly took it.

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