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Apply to have your say in autism research

Autistic adults, parents and carers of autistic people can apply by 25 March 2019 midnight (GMT) to be part of the first European-wide autism community consultation group, theĀ Autism Representatives Group (A-Reps), that will be providing input on various aspects of the autism research project AIMS-2-TRIALS.

A-Reps will provide the autistic and family perspective on AIMS-2-TRIALS and will give the autism community an independent voice in the project. No special qualifications or scientific experience are needed. The A-Reps group will hold discussions around four times per year, mostly by telephone or video call, from now until 2023. Members will be reimbursed for their time and most expenses.

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Many autistic people testify that effective therapies for common difficulties would help them live a better life. Autism-Europe are partnering on a project called AIMS-2-TRIALS which aims to offer personalised approaches for autistic people.

The project will explore the biology of autism to tailor treatments and develop new medicines.

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