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MEP candidates: sign now our pledge for an autism-friendly EU!

Autism-Europe is asking candidates to the European Parliament to sign its pledge to cooperate for autism-friendly policies in the European Union during  the next mandate of the European Parliament from 2019 to 2024.  

AE has also highlighted the priorities of autistic people in Europe in its manifesto released in the framework of its campaign “A New Dynamic for Autism”.

Download the pledge

AE wants candidates to commit to:

  1. support autistic people of all ages and needs, and their families, in their parliamentary work;
  2. support measures for the full inclusion of autistic people in society, and the full respect of their rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  3. support the removal of barriers preventing autistic people from partaking in education, employment and other areas of life that can foster greater autonomy;
  4. support investment in EU initiatives that favour the social inclusion of autistic people and support for their unique needs;
  5. support the promotion of diagnosis and early, science-based interventions for autistic children;
  6. be open to discussing issues important to the autism community with representative autism organisations.

AE also encourages its members and network to download the pledge, to translate it and to disseminate it amongst MEP candidates from their country. Once signed, please send a scanned copy to AE at: communication@autismeurope.org.

Commitment of current MEPs

On World Autism Awareness Day 2019 (April 2), 47 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from 19 different countries met with Autism-Europe’s team in the European Parliament to show their support for autistic people in Europe and for “A New Dynamic for Autism” campaign.  

More information

List of signatures

  1. Biljana Borzan from Croatia
  2. Andreas Themistocleous from Cyprus
  3. Pavel Svoboda from Czech Republic
  4. Indrek Tarand from Estonia
  5. Sirpa Pietikäinen from Finland
  6. Sylvie Guillaume from France
  7. Arne Lietz from Germany
  8. Martin Sonneborn from Germany
  9. Axel Voss from Germany
  10. Georgios Kyrtos from Greece
  11. Lynn Boylan from Ireland
  12. Peter Casey from Ireland
  13. Francis Fitzgerald from Ireland
  14. Liadh Ni Riada from Ireland
  15. Luke “Ming” Flanagan from Ireland
  16. Billy Kelleher from Ireland
  17. Sean Kelly from Ireland
  18. Sheila Nunan from Ireland
  19. Brendan Smith from Ireland
  20. Clare Daly from Ireland
  21. Alice Mary Higgins from Ireland
  22. Saoirse McHugh from Ireland
  23. Adrienne Wallace from Ireland
  24. Brando Benifei from Italy
  25. Angelo Ciocca from Italy
  26. Elisabetta Gardini from Italy
  27. Mario Mauro from Italy
  28. Remo Sernagiotto from Italy
  29. Christian Kmiotek from Luxembourg
  30. Carmel Cacopardo from Malta
  31. Josianne Cutajar from Malta
  32. Miriam Dalli from Malta
  33. Mina Tolu from Malta
  34. Francis Zammit Dimech from Malta
  35. Szymon Andrzejewski from Poland
  36. Michał Boni from Poland
  37. Elżbieta Łukacijewska from Poland
  38. Joanna Mucha from Poland
  39. Urszula Pasławska from Poland
  40. Marek Plura from Poland
  41. Elżbieta Anna Polak from Poland
  42. Krystyna Wróblewska from Poland
  43. Jarosław Wałęsa from Poland
  44. Sylwia Spurek from Poland
  45. Paulo Rangel from Portugal
  46. Maria Grapini from Romania
  47. Alojz Peterle from Slovenia
  48. Peter Boršić from Slovenia
  49. Dominika Švarc Pipan from Slovenia
  50. Esteban González Pons from Spain
  51. Izaskun Bilbao Barandica from Spain
  52. Ana Miranda Paz from Spain
  53. Jordi Sebastià from Spain
  54. Josep-Maria Terricabras from Spain
  55. Carles Puigdemont Casamajó from Spain
  56. Antoni Comín Olivares from Spain
  57. Clara Ponsatí Obiols from Spain
  58. Erika Casajoana Daunert from Spain
  59. Martina Anderson from the UK
  60. Theresa Griffin from the UK
  61. Wajid Khan from the UK
  62. Julie Ward from the UK