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More than 2,200 autism experts from across the world gathered in Nice to share knowledge

Under the motto “A new Dynamic for Change and Inclusion”, Autism-Europe’s 12th International Congress brings together more than 2,000 people on the autism spectrum, parents, professionals, carers and other interested parties from 80 different countries from all over the world from the 13 to 15 September.

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The triennial event, organised this year in Nice by Autisme France in partnership with Autism-Europe, is dedicated to sharing advances in practical and scientific knowledge about autism to as wide an audience as possible.

People on the autism spectrum, researchers, practitioners, teachers and other interested parties submitted abstracts with the aim of exploring a broad range of perspectives, both theoretical and practical. Over 700 abstracts were received and during the selection process value has been placed on robust and well-evidenced knowledge, including academic research and professional, as well as personal and collective experience within key topic areas.

Zsuzsanna Szilvásy, President of Autism-Europe, said:

“The 2019 congress’ motto is “A new Dynamic for Change and Inclusion”, in keeping with our aspiration that international scientific research on autism should be translated into concrete changes and foster social inclusion for autistic people of all ages and needs. Our congresses therefore strive to be a place where all interested stakeholders can meet to exchange and reflect on how to shape better lives for autistic people”.

Danièle Langloys, President of Autisme France, said:

“We will be particularly pleased to welcome professionals and families from all over the world to discuss the challenges, the advances, both social and scientific. Diagnoses are still difficult or too late to obtain in many countries, and it is important to share the tools to improve them, as it is essential to develop the means of real inclusion for people with autism, at school and at work, in sports and leisure activities, and also to bring support to families”.

The congress addresses a wide range of issues, including: diagnostic and assessment, language and communication, access to education, employment, research and ethics, gender and sexuality, inclusion and community living, mental and physical health, interventions, strategic planning and coordination of services as well as rights and participation.

The conference will be held at the Congress Center Nice Acropolis. In the heart of Nice, just 7km from the Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport, Acropolis ranks among the world’s most famous conference and exhibition centers.

About the Congress

Autism-Europe’s international congresses are dedicated to sharing advances in the practical and scientific knowledge of autism to as wide an audience as possible, including autistic people, researchers, professionals and parents. The Congresses are held every three years, each time hosted by a national autism organisation in a different European country. The member organisation that organises each congress is elected by the Autism-Europe’s General Assembly.

Notes to editors

Autism is a complex lifelong disability. People who are on the autism spectrum experience persistent difficulties with social communication and social interaction, and exhibit restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviours, activities or interests. Autism is a “spectrum” condition, which means that its characteristics and support requirements vary from one person to another. Europe has an estimated 7.4 million people on the autism spectrum.

Autism-Europe is an international association whose main objective is to advance the rights of autistic people and their families and to help them improve their quality of life. Based in Brussels, it ensures effective liaison between 90-member autism organisations from 38 European countries, including 26 Member States of the European Union, national governments, as well as European and international institutions. AE represents an estimated 7 million people throughout Europe.

Autisme France is an association recognized as a public utility association of parents of autistic people, bringing together more than 125 partners and affiliated associations, and more than a thousand individual members. It was founded in 1989 out of a desire to give people on the autism spectrum the right to a reliable diagnosis, care, education, and support throughout their lives.

*NB: Before disseminating this information, please read and apply as much as possible Autism-Europe’s acceptable language policy.