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The European Social Network rewards an objective tool to measure the quality of life of people on the autism spectrum

On 6 December, at the Committee of the Regions of the EU in Brussels, the Quality of Life Indicators Guide for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders received the European Social Network‘s (ESN) Social Services Excellence Award in the social research category. The tool, written by Dr José Luis Cuesta Gómez, partner of Autism-Europe, has been adapted and validated in the United Kingdom.

The project “Developing an objective tool to measure the quality of life of people with autism” has been adapted and validated by Mentaur, a British organisation that supports autistic people, in collaboration with Autismo Burgos Association, a member of Autism-Europe, and the University of Burgos.

The indicator guide was validated by the Delphi method, a qualitative research technique designed to build consensus among experts. The tool was tested in special schools, adult day services and residential homes for people with autism.

Doctor of Educational Sciences and Pedagogy, Cuesta Gómez is Director of the Chair “Miradas por el Autismo” and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Professionals in Autism (AETAPI) of which he was President for six years.

Cuesta Gómez’s research work has also been translated and adapted in Great Britain, Sweden, Italy and Argentina.

The European Social Services Prize is organised by the ESN to reward excellence in the field of social services while highlighting successful approaches and the work done by those who manage, plan and deliver public social services in Europe. From among the selected candidates, the winner was chosen by popular vote and by the decision of a jury.

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