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Getting ready for WAAD? Take part in our competition on employment!

As part of its awareness campaign 2020-2021, Autism-Europe has just launched the online competition “I can work” to celebrate and share positive initiatives for the employment of people on the autism spectrum.

The initiative that will get the most votes will win two tickets for Autism-Europe’s XIII International in Krakow (Poland), as well as 3 years subscription to our magazine LINK.

Visit the competition’s website: https://act.autismeurope.org/

The competition has been officially launched on February 15 2020 and and actions or stories can be uploaded and voted on until 30 March 2020 (23:59 GMT +2).

Individuals, families, employers or any other interested stakeholders, are invited to participate in the competition by sharing their stories on how autistic people have used their strengths and passion to gain successful employment in diverse fields; or the types of reasonable accommodation they may need. When they register their story/action, they get a free dedicated page for their project to spread their message. The story or action with the most number of online votes will be the winner of the competition.

Projects entering the competition may be of a different nature and concern, they must involve persons on the autism spectrum and have a demonstrable positive impact on autistic people’s lives.

Autism-Europe reserves the right to expel from the competition those projects that explicitly promote any kind of discrimination; as well as those that are not in line with AE’ values and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The official languages of Autism-Europe are English and French, but it is possible to upload content on your page in any EU languages. However, it is important to bear in mind that the language chosen will also influence the impact of the initiative on possible supporters.