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Take AE survey on the situation of autistic people during COVID-19

Autism-Europe launches a survey on the situation of autistic people and their families during the COVID-19 spread.

The measures introduced amid the COVID-19 spread in most European countries have had a major impact on the lives of autistic people and their families across Europe. To find out to which extent in more detail, Autism-Europe recently launched a survey.

In the survey, we ask whether support services for autistic people have been discontinued or disrupted, whether there are autism specific helplines or accessible information on COVID-19,  and whether people on the autism spectrum have received reasonable accommodation in healthcare, if they were affected by COVID-19. We also ask, what is the situation of autistic people and their families during the measures amid the COVID-19 spread, both from a financial and emotional point of view. The survey was designed by Autism-Europe’s secretariat with the input of self-representatives.

We invite autistic people and their families to answer and disseminate the survey which is currently available in the following languages:

English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Bulgarian, Greek and Ukrainian

It will remain open until May 31th 2020.

If you wish to provide us with a translation into your language, please contact us via email at communication@autismeurope.org.

The main focus of the survey is the impact of COVID-19 on the current situation of autistic people. If you feel that the survey does not allow you to provide an adequate picture of your situation, we invite you to provide your feedback in the open section of the survey at the end. We are aware that, for example, many autistic people do not have access to necessary support services, even outside of the COVID-19 period.

We have also gathered useful resources from our members, partners and other stakeholders from across Europe in different languages on how to deal with the issues surrounding COVID-19. Please also contact us if you wish to make us aware of other useful resources to share.