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AE calls upon the EU to increase the Rights and Values programmes fund

On May 27 2020, the European Commission presented its plan for a recovery Fund for the EU, as well as its proposals for the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The new proposal for the 7-year budget foresees a cut of 20% in the Rights and Values Programme

In June 2020, Autism-Europe has joined over 350 grassroots associations from across Europe, as well as European platforms and networks, to call to increase the budget of the Rights and Values Programme. It is essential that Civil society organisations are adequately funded as they play a key role in the democratic functioning of the European Union and its integration.

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On July 8, the presidents of the European Commission, European Parliament and Council will meet to talk about the MFF, while Heads of EU States will hold a Council Summit next week. Ahead of this meeting, on July 6 ,the European Civic Forum and the Batory Foundation also sent a follow-up letter to the presidents of the three above-mentioned institutions.

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