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Take this survey to share your policy priories for autism

Autistic people, their families and support persons are called to share their views on important policy improvements in the framework of the autism research consortium AIMS-2-TRIALS, of which Autism-Europe (AE) is a partner. The research, carried out by the University of Cambridge in cooperation with AE, aims at exploring their priorities for policy change to improve the lives of autistic people across Europe and beyond.

Through this online survey, the autism community will help identify priorities for policy improvements. The result will be shared with European policy makers. The findings from the study will also be shared with the scientific and research community in conference presentations and scientific publications. All data collected will be retained and analysed in compliance with GDPR.

Autistic people over 16 years old, parents, carers, and member of organisations working with autistic people can take the survey in English, French, German and Spanish:


The research is being conducted by the University of Cambridge and is funded by the charity the Autism Research Trust, and by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 777394. The JU receives support from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020, research and innovation programme and EFPIA.