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EU Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030

Released in March 2021, the European Disability Strategy (EDS) 2021-2030 aims to deliver further significant improvements to all areas of the lives of persons with disabilities within the EU and beyond. Over the coming decade, this Strategy will support both Member States and EU institutions in their endeavour to implement the UNCRPD.

Autism-Europe has actively contributed to voice the needs of autistic people at all stages of the consultation since the beginning of the review process.

Autism-Europe’s response to the roadmap for the Disability Rights Strategy 2021-30

Accomplishing the initiatives envisaged in this strategy will contribute to reducing discrimination, inequalities and supporting persons with disabilities to fully enjoy their human rights, fundamental freedoms and EU rights on an equal basis with others, by 2030, to maximize their independence, participation and decent living conditions.

The objectives of this Strategy will need to be achieved through a strong commitment by the Member States, by promoting policies and actions that will bring about accessible environments, inclusive education systems as well as health care systems of high quality and effective pathways to fair employment for persons with disabilities.

Empowering persons with disabilities to fully participate and contribute to the transition to an inclusive, green and digital economy and society as well as to our democracy will reaffirm the EU values enshrined in the Treaties. It will bring a strong contribution to the Union of Equality, and strengthen the rights of persons with disabilities globally.

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Communication on the strategy by the European Commission

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