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Provide feedback on the EU’s action plan for social economy

By 26th April 2021, the European Commission invites EU citizens and stakeholders to provide feedback on their recently published Action Plan for the social economy that seeks to strengthen the social economy and support the growth and operation of social economy organisations.  The feedback provided will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. 

If you are an EU citizen or stakeholder, you can provide feedback here

The social economy is a part of the economy driven primarily by collective interests as well as social and environmental objectives. The European Union is facing a series of structural challenges such as climate change, digitisation, growing inequalities and demographic change. In the face of recent crises, social economy organisations such as Autism-Europe, have demonstrated a remarkable ability to contribute to the strengthening and building of resilient communities and to manage major transitions.

The EU action plan for social economy aims to boost the contribution of social economy organisations to a fair and sustainable growth. It will enhance social investment, support social economy actors to start up, scale up, innovate and create jobs. It sets out EU-level initiatives and calls for joint action by EU governments and relevant organisations.

Read the Roadmap in full