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Podcast: A conversation with Adam Harris, member of the AE’s Council of Administration

To mark World Autism Awareness Day 2021, Autism-Europe has partnered with broadcaster John Offord to release a special podcast for his series, “The Different Minds”. In this podcast, Offord chats with Adam Harris, self-advocate, member of Autism-Europe’s Council of Adminsitration, and founder and CEO of AsIAm.

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Adam was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of five, and founded AsIAm based on his experiences living with autism. Adam speaks about the importance of self-advocacy and being part of the associative movement to advance the rights of autistic people.

About Autism-Europe, Adam said:

“As Ireland’s autism charity, AsIAm is delighted to be affiliated with Autism-Europe as a full member, and I sit on its Council of Administration. Obviously on big issues it’s so important that we cooperate across borders within Europe, so what Autism-Europe aims to do is really to create a space for us to share learnings. They’ve been very helpful during COVID when we’ve been trying to understand how our schools are managing (…). And then also it advocates at the European Union level for appropriate supports and investment for autism. It’s a very important organisation that we are very proud to be associated with.”

“The Different Minds” podcast series

Broadcaster, John Offord chats to people from all walks of life about the different ways our brain can work and interpret information. In words of Offord, neurodiversity highlights that people naturally think about things differently. “We have different interests and motivations, and are naturally better at some things and poorer at others. Most people are neurotypical, meaning that the brain functions and processes information in the way society expects.”

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