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Watch the on-demand webinar “I can LEARN. I can WORK”

On March 30 2021, prior to World Autism Awareness Day, Autism-Europe (AE)  hosted the webinar “I can LEARN. I can WORK”, as a part of its long-running awareness campaign 2020-2021. 

There have been many changes and challenges over the last year and, in order to better address the needs of the autism community at this time, AE has adapted its campaign to take into account the current situation. AE’s 2020-2021 awareness-raising campaign is titled “I can LEARN. I can WORK” and, in addition to access to education and employment, the campaign also addresses specific COVID-19 related topics including distance education, reasonable accommodation, mental health and pandemic related challenges.

Autistic people and their families, autism organisations, professionals, employers, EU policy-makers and the general population are called to make part of this collaborative event. The webinar also counts with a series of testimonials of autistic people and their families across Europe about their experiences with the above mentioned topics.

  • Total duration: 2 hours
  • Language of the webinar: English

Register and watch the webinar

After the 19th of May 2021, a recording of the webinar is still available on our Facebook page


5min Harald T Neerland

President of Autism-Europe

Key needs and demands of the autism community

The European response

10min Helena Dalli

EU Commissioner for Equality

The added value of the EU when fostering access to education and employment
10min  Katrin Langensiepen

Member of the European Parliament

Fostering equal treatment of people with disabilities in employment
10min Chiara Gemma

Member of the European Parliament

The right and needs in education of people with disabilities across Europe

From theory to practice

10min Adam Harris

CEO of AsIAm

Autism and education in times of pandemic: needs and challenges
10min Ron Fortuna

Specialist Teacher- Target Autism

Coronavirus Lockdown – Focusing on Positives to Achieve Success
10min Vincent Grimaldi

M&A and recruiting advisory firm for innovative companies

How autism and neurodiversity give you a competitive advantage
10min Jean François Dufresne

Managing Director of Andros Food Group

Living and working differently

The voice of autistic people and their families

10min Testimonials of autistic people A series of video testimonials about challenges of the pandemic, distance education, reasonable accommodation and metal health.
10min Cristina Fernández

AE Secretariat

Q&A session
END of the webinar
15min Bonus session Additional video testimonials


If you wish to address questions and comments to the panelist or to those who shared their testimonial,  please send us an email via: communication@autismeurope.org