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Surveys: Policy priorities and access to services for autistic people across Europe

Autism-Europe shares two surveys to  explore policy priorities and experiences of a range of services across Europe for autistic people and carers. The objective is notably to gain evidence on autistic people’s needs to develop training and recommendations for policymakers across Europe.

First survey: Autism Services Access Survey.

We invite autistic people and carers (both over 16 years old) to participate in this 20-minutes survey to share their experiences when accessing services such as health, mental health, social care, education, employment and therapy; as well as comparing service availability and quality across Europe and beyond. The survey is available in 8 different languages and in easy-to-read version.

Click here for more info and to access the survey.

Second survey: 10 Points for Change Survey

We invite the autism community to complete this 10-minutes survey to identify priorities for policy improvement across Europe. Findings from the study will be used to shape a policy brief document addressing the need to improve service availability and accessibility for autistic people across Europe. The survey is available in 8 different languages.

Click here for more info and to access the survey.

This initiative is part of the AIMS-2 trials project and led in cooperation with the University of Cambridge.