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Joint Statement on European Care Strategy: Call for full transparency in its implementation

Following the call on 8th April 2024 for a European Long-Term Care Platform, 18 organisations urge national governments and the European Commission to ensure open and transparent reporting mechanisms for the European Care Strategy, for its effective monitoring and implementation.  The national measures on long-term care that Member States are projected to submit to the European Commission by June 2024 should be made publicly available on national government and European Commission websites.

The 2022 Council Recommendation on access to affordable high-quality long-term care is to be implemented in all Member States of the EU. The Council Recommendation, and the broader European Care Strategy, form a common strategic framework that paves the way for the transformation of the care sector and the creation of a person-centred, community-based care and support system in all Member States. It lays the foundation for a system that will respect the rights and dignity of persons in need of care and support, and their families as well as carers, both professional and informal.

This strategy needs to be fully and adequately implemented to address EU Member States’ realities through ambitious national measures to be submitted to the European Commission before 8th June by the appointed national long-term care coordinators.

These national measures must be appropriately funded, ambitious, time-bound, targeted and measurable to improve the affordability, accessibility and quality of care services. They must expand home and community-based care options; consolidate support systems for informal carers; provide parents and families with freedom of choice regarding the care options that suit them best; support quality employment and fair working conditions, address the challenges of vulnerable groups and workers; and finally, improve professionalisation and address care staff shortages.


We urge the European Commission and Member States to ensure that all national reports on long-term care are delivered within the deadlines set by the Council Recommendation on access to affordable high-quality long-term care and made publicly available online through national government and European Commission websites. This action is a crucial first step to guarantee the transparency and openness needed for the successful implementation of the European Care Strategy. It will also enable engagement and oversight by civil society organisations and social partners at both the EU and national levels.


AGE Platform Europe, Alzheimer Europe, Autism Europe, Caritas Europa, CECOP, COFACE Families Europe, Eurocarers, Eurodiaconia, EuroHealthNet, European Anti-Poverty Network, European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities, European Federation for Family Employment and Home Care, European Federation for Services to Individuals, European Public Service Unions, Make Mothers Matter, Mental Health Europe, PICUM, UNI Europa 

Download the statement here.