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10th Autism-Europe International Congress, Budapest, Hungary, 2013

The 10th Autism-Europe International Congress was held in Budapest, Hungary, on September 26 to 28, 2013. Around 1,100 parents, professionals and people with autism from 73 countries around the world gathered to discuss topics following the congress theme of ‘new dimensions for autism’, in which people with autism and their families can fully enjoy their human rights and a better quality of life.

Autism-Europe’s 10th International Congress took place in Budapest, Hungary, between the 26 and 28 September 2013. It focused on the most recent developments in the field of autism. The programme included sessions on topics that have generated much interest leading up the the event, such as new developments in information and communications technologies, best practices in providing services and ensuring quality of life for people with autism as they become elderly.

Furthermore, this was the first time that an Eastern European country had gained the opportunity to organise a congress under the aegis of Autism-Europe. The strengths and creativity of Eastern European organisations in the treatment and support of people with autism were thus showcased.

List of the keynote speakers & the congress programme