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Code of good practice on prevention of violence against persons with autism

This document was create in the framework of the European Commission's DAPHNE initiative, adopted in 1997. The initiative aimed at supporting the activities of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who are combating violence perpetrated against children, adolescents and women.

This Code has been drafted by an international team of experts composed of Yvette Dijkxhoorn of the University of Leiden (NL), André Foubert, director of a residential care centre (F), Dr. Paula Freitas, child psychiatrist with APPDA and lecturer at the University of Porto (P), Bill Meldrum of the Scottish Society for Children with autism (UK), Dr. Donata Vivanti, President of ANGSA Lombardia (I) and Dr. Christopher Williams of the University of London (UK). Other experts participated in the project : Dr Rita Jordan, University of Birmingham (UK), Dr Theo Peeters, Opleiding Centrum Autisme (B) and Paul Shattock, University of Sunderland (UK). The project was co-ordinated by Anne-Sophie Parent, Autism-Europe Administrative Director.