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New report reveals the views and concerns of people with autism and parents in the UK

A new report, titled ‘One in a Hundred – Putting families at the heart of autism research’, on experiences of living with autism and the UK health system, as well as opinions on priorities in autism research, is now available.

The report is based on research conducted among more than 1,000 people with autism and parents across the United Kingdom, and some of the key findings of the report include:

  • 94 percent of parents are worried about their child’s future;
  • Half of parents and 59 percent of adults reported negative experiences of visits to the doctor in relation to autism;
  • 73 percent of adults with autism said that they had received no specific help for their difficulties;
  • 74 percent of adults wanted support with their worries and stress, and 61 percent wanted help with social difficulties;
  • 82 percent of parents felt that more medical research would make a positive difference to their lives;
  • The number one research priority indicated was earlier diagnosis.

In response to these findings, Autistica will launch a new scientific research agenda focusing on early diagnosis and early intervention. They also plan to explore autism across the lifespan, and invest in research to address the problems which too often go alongside autism, including: anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and sleeplessness.


Download the report (English only)