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ILO works to increase the employability and social-inclusion of persons with disabilities

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) recent publication “Inclusion of people with disabilities in national employment policies” is designed to provide step-by-step support in effectively including women and men with disabilities in the development of national employment policies (NEP). Furthermore, the resource guide on gender issues in employment and labour market policies gives guidance on how to effectively embed gender dimensions in NEP development.

The ILO’s work on disability inclusion focuses on promoting pathways into decent work for people with disabilities in developing countries. This builds on and extends the experience the ILO has gained in increasing their employability, and in promoting inclusive employment as well as enabling environments. In light of the above, the recent ILO publication: “ILO and disability inclusion” provides an overview of the ILO’s approach to disability inclusion in developing countries, which includes a range of examples.


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