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A New Dynamic for Autism: Manifesto for the European Elections 2019

Autism-Europe is campaigning for “A New Dynamic for Autism” to pave the way for autism-friendly European Union policies within the next mandate of the European Parliament from 2019 to 2024. In order to set this objective into motion, AE released a Manifesto highlighting the priorities of the autistic people in Europe. AE is also asking MEP candidates to sign a pledge to support autistic people and their families in Europe.

The Manifesto

It is estimated that 5 million people are on the autism spectrum in the European Union. Most of them experience widespread discrimination in many fields of their lives as well as social exclusion.

In order to respond to the daily challenges autistic people face, we call on future MEPs, but also other relevant stakeholders – such as the European Commission, the European Council and Member States:

  • To promote the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) through an ambitious EU Disability Strategy post-2020 leaving no one behind;
  • To take action regarding the 2015 European Parliament Written Declaration on Autism calling for a European strategy

AE encourages its members and network to download the manifesto, translate it and disseminate it among policy-makers – in particular candidate MEPs from their countries – and all other key stakeholders in relation to the elections.

The pledge

As part of AE’s demands outlined in the manifesto, AE is asking MEP candidates to sign a pledge for autism and commit to support autistic people and their families in Europe, while they are in office (if elected to the European Parliament). AE wants candidates to commit to:

  • support autistic people of all ages and needs, and their families, in their parliamentary work;
  • support measures for the full inclusion of autistic people in society, and the full respect of their rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • support the removal of barriers preventing autistic people from partaking in education, employment and other areas of life that can foster greater autonomy;
  • support investment in EU initiatives that favour the social inclusion of autistic people and support for their unique needs;
  • support the promotion of diagnosis and early, science-based interventions for autistic children;
  • be open to discussing issues important to the autism community with representative autism organisations.

AE encourage its members and network to download pledge (available as a handout in both A4 and A5 format), to translate it, to print it and to disseminate it among MEP candidates from your country. Once signed,  you can send AE scanned copy to communication@autismeurope.org.

The AE’s World Autism Awareness Day campaign 2019

Each year, Autism-Europe works together with its member organisations to conduct campaigns that raise awareness of autism and the rights of autistic people across Europe.

As part of the long-running awareness campaign to be launched around World Autism Awareness Day 2019, Autism-Europe will be focusing on the theme “A New Dynamic for Autism. I ∞ autism”.

More information about the campaign