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Current campaign

In 2020- 2021, Autism-Europe is conducting a Europe-wide awareness raising campaign with its members on the theme “I can learn. I can work”.

How can I support the campaign

  • Find a tool that represents one of your skills;
  • Make a video/ GIF of yourself holding the tool (and maybe using it);
  • OR take a picture of yourself holding the tool (and maybe using it);
  • Share it on social media using the #AutismDay2021 hashtag.

*Alternatively, you can just take a picture of yourself holding the visual of the campaign.

The campaign theme and gesture

In the framework of its Strategy 2018-2021, Autism-Europe is promoting access to quality inclusive education (including to university and vocational training) and access to employment. Our main objective is to enhance the inclusion and participation of people on the autism spectrum in Europe and ultimately improve their quality of life. In order to echo this message globally, the slogan of the campaign is “I can learn. I can work”.

Everyone in society – whether they are autistic or not – has certain strengths that can be harnessed to progress in education and to access employment successfully. With our campaign, we want supporters to show the diversity of ability that society can nurture to be more inclusive. Everyone is different and will express their strengths in different ways.

Anyone can take part in the campaign, whether they are autistic or not, to show that no one should be excluded or discriminated against. People on the autism spectrum are not second-class citizens, but full members of society. Autistic people should have equal opportunities to make the most out of their potential in education and the world of work thanks to accessible, supportive environments, and with reasonable accommodation. Anyone at school, university, or in vocational training, apprenticeships, or work can make a difference to make society more open and inclusive of diversity.  

The campaign toolkit

The campaign toolkit explains the idea behind the theme and outlines in detail how and when you can support the campaign in whichever way you prefer. The toolkit brings together recommendations on how you too make people more aware of diversity and inclusion, and build momentum in pushing for a more inclusive society, notably in relation to education and employment.

Download the campaign toolkit

The toolkit includes:

Highlights of the campaign so far

To showcase, the impact of the campaign this year, we have put together a photo album.

View the photo album here

Campaign video

The campaign competition “I can work”

As part of the campaign, Autism-Europe launched the online competition “I can work” to celebrate and share positive initiatives for the employment of people on the autism spectrum. The initiative that recieves the most votes wins two tickets for Autism-Europe’s XIII International Congress in Krakow (Poland),  as well as 3 years FREE subscription to our magazine LINK.

Congratulations to the Belgian initiative entitled “Solidarity Constellation” who won the campaign competition. Read about the winning project here.

The competition was officially launched on February 15 2020 and actions or stories were uploaded and voted on until 30 March 2020 (23:59 GMT +2).