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A Croatian mainstream kindergarten fostering inclusion of autistic children wins AE online competition

Among the seventy entries from all around the world submitted to the Autism-Europe’s online competition “A new dynamic for autism”, the Croatian project “Transition to integration program for children with autism” won the competition with over 4,000 votes.

As part of its awareness campaign 2019, Autism-Europe launched a competition giving participants two months to share innovative ongoing actions to build a more inclusive society for autistic people across Europe, and win support from voters.

The winner can choose between participating in Autism-Europe’s XII International Congress or a prize to support and disseminate their project and foster best practices across Europe.

Since its implementation in 2008 at the mainstream kindergarten ‘’Bajka’’ in Zagreb, this project aims at reaching full and effective inclusion of children on the autism spectrum through individualised training and social support of all participants involved in the process. Their formula for effective inclusion relies on the combination of evidence-based interventions, active parent participation, and of course, daily interaction of the children with their neurotypical peers.

Visit the competition website