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Bridging the autism employment gap in Europe: a compedium of current practices and initiatives

This compendium includes examples of a range of programmes supporting autistic people in vocational training and employment, through traineeships or trial period employment opportunities, job coaching services or public and non-governmental services focusing on supporting the recruitment of autistic people and raising awareness on autism and across different sectors (agricultural, farming, handicraft, tourism, IT, etc.).

The effective implementation of the measures protecting and promoting disabled workers’ right to access reasonable accommodation and support in training and employment is still a long way away.  Several of the programmes outlined in this document are tailored towards autistic jobseekers and workers with high support needs and take the form of rehabilitation services or sheltered workshops. It is important that these programmes are used to support autistic people to transition into the open labour market, in line with the UN CRPD.

It is available in English, French and Italian.