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Call for good practices in the framework of our NAATE project on non-formal education for autistic youngsters

On 5 March, the Non-formal learning Activities for Autistic Teenagers in Europe (NAATE) project partners met in Brussels at the office of Autism-Europe to discuss innovative practices within the scope of non-formal learning and leisure activities for autistic youth. A book of good practices will be released in the summer, and autism organisations across Europe are invited to contribute with their own initiatives.

The NAATE project aims to promote the training of youth workers in relation to providing non-formal education for autistic teenagers. Non-formal learning activities such as arts and crafts, cultural excursions and sport, provide youth with opportunities to be creative and interactive and can support the development of their social and professional skills.

The meeting was comprised of project partners from three EU member states including Asociación Mi Hijo y Yo from Spain, Autism-Europe from Belgium and the Centre of Development and Support for Children and Teenagers – AASP (Autism Assessment Support Practice) from Cyprus. Central to the discussion was how to make non-formal learning activities accessible to autistic youth and what kinds of useful resources can be shared with youth workers across Europe to implement them.

During the meeting, there were many exchanges of ideas and discussions about the ways of working in different systems and cultures. Sharing experiences is an integral part to the development of non-formal learning activities. In line with this, thanks to NAATE’s partners, a book of good practices based on experiences from those who have implemented non-formal learning activities is underway. The book will provide support and practical advice about activity development as well as insight into the benefits of inclusive learning activities.

The NAATE project would like to identify successful initiatives from around Europe to be featured in their book of good practices on non-formal education. If you or your organisation has completed a non-formal learning activity, which supports good practices, and would like to share the work that you have carried out, you can submit your activity.

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