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AE council of administration meets to discuss upcoming priorities

On October 16-17, Autism-Europe (AE) held its second Council of Administration (CA) of 2021. Around 40 members’ representatives from across Europe came together to discuss key topics such as the AE work implementation in 2021 and priorities for our future work programme and campaigns. AE Council of administration also welcomed a new member.

During the first day of the CA,  the latest updates regarding the work conducted in 2021 were shared: including AE participation in different consultations with the European Commission; our collaboration with various coalitions (e.g.: EDF, the European expert group on deinstitutionalization and community living EEG, COFACE, Social Platform). Aurélie Baranger, AE´s Director, also presented the priorities and preliminary action plan for the period 2022-2025.

A new member was coopted to the Council of administration, Kathe Bjerggaard Johansen, Chairman of the board of Landsforeningen Autisme from Denmark. The meeting was also an opportunity to introduce AE new staff members. Check the staff section to know more.

AE presented the AIMS-2 trials policy surveys, that are key instruments  to help shape EU policy in terms of autistic community´s priorities.

More about the AIMS-2 trials surveys

Important updates regarding the upcoming Autism-Europe International Congress in October 2022 were shared by Congress host organisation, JiM Foundation, a member of Autism-Europe. The website is already available and the registration will be opened soon!

Visit the Congress’s website

AE presented the flagship initiative of the European commission that is to make the EU Disability Card available in all EU countries, following the pilot project conducted in 8 countries. Some members took the floor to share their experience in relation to the pilot programme in their respective countries. members also discussed about the need to promote a common definition of “disability” at the EU-level and ensure that the diagnosis of autism is mutually recognized across all EU countries.

The second day´s agenda was focused on the format of AE campaigns for the coming years. More info about the upcoming campaign will be shared soon!