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Next Congress

Under the motto “Happy Journey through Life” Autism-Europe's 13th International Congress will take place in Cracow, Poland, and in hybrid format, on October 7-9, 2022. It will be hosted by Autism-Europe member, Fundacja JiM. The programme is now available. Register to attend this event online or in person.

The chosen theme of the 2022 Congress hosted by the JiM Foundation is “Happy Journey through Life”. It addresses the fact that autism is a life-long journey and brings focus on the well-being of each autistic individual.

The first draft of the programme for the Autism-Europe Congress 2022 in Cracow has been published. The Congress programme aims at being challenging, diverse and inclusive.

Download the programme here to discover the range of key issues that will be debated.

The programme highlights various perspectives:

  • Research or practices in the field of autism
  • Examples of best practices in the field of autism
  • Personal experiences and initiatives

Check out the Congress´ website and AE´s Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay updated!

Visit the Congress’ website to stay tuned about all updates:  www.autismcongress2022.org

“Happy Journey through Life” is the theme of the 13th AE´s International Congress to highlight the importance of taking a lifespan perspective on autism research and practice, with the promotion of wellbeing for all being the focal point.